Edge.AI Safeguarding your Property with
Intelligent Access Control

A frictionless access control solution that leverages the power of AI
to open guarded points of entry for authorized people

Compact. High-End. Secure.

Enterprise-grade multi-purpose split device that provides quick and secure access with zero downtime based on a distributed architecture.

Edge.AI contains multiple cutting-edge sensors to ensure 99.9% accuracy and fraud detection.
Designed for high-end indoor and suitable for various outdoor surroundings.

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IR & RGB Stereo Camera

Mount options for doors, turnstiles and corridors

Smallest footprint enterprise grade biometric device in the industry

Elegant LED Feedback for status display

High-end durable metallic and polycarbonate casing

The building of tomorrow is here today

Historically, the access control systems within a building have been siloed and isolated. With Edge.AI, move towards a single converged data layer to make your property truly smart. This shift will significantly impact the 'Building of Tomorrow' and how we interact with and utilize commercial real estate. We've purpose-built Edge.AI to enhance the security of your property and provide a safer, luxury experience for your tenants, visitors, and staff.

Turn Sight Into Insight

Edge.AI’s integrated analytics capabilities allow property managers to gain valuable insights on building usage, such as unique visitor count, popular areas, and peak usage times.

Increase the building’s efficiency, security, and profitability with user storyline and relation mapping. You will get complete visibility into when and where employees and visitors go throughout your property.

Mobile Credentials

Visitors, tenants, and employees can access spaces based on their preferences. We support popular access methods such as Facial Recognition, Mobile Phones, and RFID Cards.

Access with your mobile phone is easier than ever, with no app download required. Simply scan a QR code that natively provides access through the Edge.AI.

Appless Self Enrollment

Self-enrollment is easy, with no app to download. Users receive an enrollment email, take a selfie and upload it. The next time they walk into your property, they will have access.

To ensure a transparent user experience that will drive up adoption rates, we display biometric privacy consent as the first step in removing users’ doubt and uncertainty.

Manage Multiple Sites with Ease

Owners or property managers can manage their buildings in one unified view. We integrate with legacy physical security software or can operate as a standalone access control system or a mixture of both. Flexible deployment options allow both on-cloud and on-prem hosting.

Visitor Management

The age of using multiple platforms to manage and control access of tenants, employees, staff, contractors, and visitors is over. Edge.AI provides one consolidated access control management system to easily invite visitors and gain full visibility into people’s daily traffic across your properties.

Going the extra mile, Edge.AI integrates with all native calendars (e.g., Outlook, Google Calendar, and more) to send customized invites to your visitors and inform employees of their arrival.

Designed for Security

Edge.AI’s innovative split-device design ensures no sensitive connections or data is exposed. Legacy biometric devices are traditionally made from a single-mounted appliance that, when removed from the wall, exposes the network connection to the local LAN, relays to activate the locks, or Wiegand/OSDP channels to connect to the access panels. Even worse, the user-facing appliance can be stolen altogether and compromise the privacy of your users.


Why We Are Secure

PropTech.AI enables compliance with BIPA, GDPR, and other federal, state and municipal privacy frameworks and regulations. Increase privacy transparency with built-in consent forms stating data is not sold to third parties or has any unauthorized usage. Remove uncertainty and doubt from end users. All data can be deleted upon request. Separation of PII from Edge.AI and management console. The Analytics platform is separated from the management console, and all data is tokenized and stripped from PII.
The digital world and the physical world should be in synergy, PropTech.AI is the most elegant way to accomplish it, and we take pride in our dedication and commitment to ensuring the privacy of our customers.

Ready to Transform your Property? Let's Talk.

    Ready to Transform your Property? Let's Talk.